Pellet burner PG35HD17A

Pellet burner has a mechanical automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber. When you start the pellet burner bottom of the ashtray opens automatically pour ash and slag and closes automatically. This process is repeated on stopping the pellet burner. Controllers with modulation timer and display. Possible variations of keyboards with 7 or 17 buttons. The combustion chamber of the pellet burner that is made of high-heat-resistant steel - 5 mm. Warranty of combustion chamber is 2 year.

Pellet burner PG35HD17A

- Power - 10 to 35 KW
- Automatic ignition
- Automatic pellets feeding
- Automatic monitoring of the combustion process
- Three-stage fire modulation
- Input for room thermostat
- Control by Telecontrol (GSM)
- Weekly programmer
- Automatic restart
- Automatic cleaning
- Menu in three languages
- Digital display with 17 or 7 buttons
- Combustion chamber made ​​of 5 mm heat-resistant stainless steel
- Power consumption in combustion - 100 W
- Power consumption Ignition - 1000 W


Fuel consumption:
- At minimum power - 2 kg / hour
- Maximum power - 7 kg / hour

The kit contains:
- Pellet Burner
- Transport auger
- Seal of mineral wool
- Round 63 mm flange.

Warranty 24 months
During the warranty period consumables are:
- heater
- photo sensor
- temperature Sensor
- flexible hose

Example: 100 m2 heated area (250 cubic meters) - 22 kg average cost a day.

Pellet burner PG35HD17APellet burner PG35HD17APellet burner PG35HD17APellet burner PG35HD17A





 Instructions for installation and operation of the pellet burnerInstructions for installation and operation of the pellet burner