• Производство на пелетни горелки
  • Производство на алуминиева и PVC дограма - Дупница
  • Горелки на пелети - Пелетни горелки -Печки на пелети
  • Производство на машини за стъкларската промишленост Дабос Дупница
  • Производител на пелетни горелки, горелки на пелети, печки на пелети


Pellet burners - Pellet burner, pellet stoves - Dabos Bulgaria“Dabos S.r.l.” born in 1995 in the city of Dupnitsa where has still today its headquarters. Begins as a small family business, but during the years the technological evolution and the increasing different needs of our customers led the company to transform more and more in a service company. Then we started ourselves to build and to produce machinery for the glass processing and quickly we have achieved a remarkable success. We started presentations of great feedback in exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad. At the International Fair in Plovdiv in 2007 the company won two prizes for innovation.

In 2008 we also won another prize for the machines designed and developed by our company. Now “Dabos Srl” has its production centre with an area of 7000 square meters and 2500 square meters as warehouse.

фирма ДабосIn 2009 we started the design and the production of equipments for pellets, combustion. Currently we produce fireplaces, boilers and burners of different capacities. All our products are successfully sold in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.


  life of company Dabos